About the Film

ASHLEY/AMBER is the undergraduate thesis film of Rebecca Rojer, a recent graduate of Harvard College. Award-winning filmmaker Jan Schuette served as adviser to the film.

Production took place over one week in January 2010 in Cambridge, MA with an all volunteer cast & crew. The film was shot on 20 rolls of 16mm film using an Aaton camera. A grant from the Harvard College Research Project (HCRP) along with thesis funding from the Visual and Environmental Studies department helped pay for film and other expenses.

The film was inspired in part by the director’s experiences living in student cooperative houses, and much of the film was shot in the Dudley Co-op, her residence at the time.

Due to a department rule stating that “all thesis projects shot on film must be cut on film,” the entire film was cut on an eight-plate Steenbeck from February – April, 2010. At least one of those months was spent solely on synching the sound to the picture.

Filmmakers Jan Schuette (Love Comes Lately, Dragon’s Chow) and Amie Siegel (DDR/DDR, Empathy), along with the artist Annette Lemieux served as the project’s thesis committee. Filmmakers Robb Moss (The Same River Twice, Secrecy) and Michal Goldman (At Home In Utopia) provided additional mentorship.

The film’s theme song was composed by Logan Takahashi (of the electronic duo Teengirl Fantasy).