April 14: NYC Screening @ HIGHER HOPES

higher hopes_4_14

Hey friends,

This Sunday, you’re all invited to HIGHER HOPES, a FREE sometimes-weekly screening of strange and exciting short films.

My own ASHLEY/AMBER shares the program with films by the super talented Olivia Jampol (a rare screening of JEANNIE!) & Doron Max Hagay, among others. Get there on time because you don’t want to miss these! But also because there is a happy hour special where $5 gets you 2 slices of pizza and a beer. Not bad!

A Film+Video Screening Series
Sunday April 14th, 8:30 PM
L’asso East Village
107 1st avenue (btwn 6th & 7th st)

$5 = two slices of pizza and a beer!

I want to express how much a fan I am of this fun, informal (sometimes drunken) screening, and not only because my film is on the line-up. It’s got a very different vibe than short film festivals, which can often run too long and have pointless awards. And it’s also not like watching youtube, which let’s be real, is kinda a weak way to experience a film — I can’t compete with your 30 open browser tabs. Films are better with audiences! Especially when the audience is other filmmakers, and friends, and strangers who feel like they could be your friends, and there’s beer.

But okay, mainly I love this screening because of the flyers. This is the closest I will ever get to being in a punk band.

Hope to see you there!


JEANNIE Trailer from Olivia Jampol on Vimeo.

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