An antiwar activist becomes an internet celebrity after being outed as the one-time star of porn video.

Trapped in mourning over the death of her soldier boyfriend Phil, 19-year-old Ashley (Diane Guerrero, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK) finds temporary escape by becoming Amber Jones, star of an internet porn video. Later that same day she reluctantly attends a meeting of anti-war activists at the behest of her co-worker Winona (Evalena Marie), who hopes to convince Ashley to speak at an upcoming rally.

Ashley is reluctant to become involved in activism until she is visited by Dan (Dan Liebman), a friend of Phil’s from the army on a brief military leave. After listening to Dan speak first-hand of the horrors of the war, she decides to take action.

Ashley gives an incredibly moving, personal, and angry speech at an anti-war rally, which unfortunately is attended only by its organizers. However the speech is posted online, and before long her two identities are connected. Fueled by fury and fascination, the story soon goes viral. Now Ashley must reconcile her loss in the midst of her 15 minutes of fame.


color 16mm
dark comedy, satire
narrative fiction short, student film
date of completion
January 2011

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